Conflicts of Interest Program

UF’s new centralized disclosure review office

3,391 Current Disclosures in UFOLIO

11 Days Median Disclosure Review Time

2,944 Faculty Using UFOLIO

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New UF COI Policy

UF recently implemented a new policy on Conflicts of Commitment and Conflicts of Interest.

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general information

What is UFOLIO?

UFOLIO is UF's new electronic system for disclosures of outside activities and interests. The system will be rolled out campus-wide by Summer 2020.



What is being reviewed?

This new resource provides a list of risk factors that the COI Program reviews for, as well as illustrative examples of types of disclosures for each level of risk.


UFOLIO Supervisor Review Checklist

If you are a Level 1 reviewer in UFOLIO, this list provides guidance on what to consider when reviewing your employees’ disclosures.


How disclosure reviews occur

Once a disclosure is submitted in UFOLIO, it goes through a minimum of two reviews. Depending on the type and nature of the disclosure, an additional “ancillary” review by subject matter experts may be necessary.

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Current UFOLIO Users

New colleges are being onboarded to UFOLIO on a regular basis; check out the current list of departments and colleges here. If your unit is not on this list, you do not yet have access to UFOLIO.


Assistant Vice President for Conflicts of Interest

Gary Wimsett, Jr., JD, has been named Assistant Vice President for Conflicts of Interest for UF.


Curious about the new procedure?

UFOLIO makes reporting outside activities and interests easy by walking you through a survey of 11 questions to determine if you have anything to disclose.