Conflicts of Interest Program

UF’s new centralized disclosure review office

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Need to Disclose?

UFOLIO is currently available to four populations: 1) Faculty, adjuncts, and postdoctoral associates holding a 0.26 FTE or higher appointment, 2) Managerial staff in Job Structure Categories 10, 11, 12, and 13, 3) College of Medicine TEAMS Physicians, and 4) UFIRST key personnel. If you are NOT in those populations, please use the "Non-UFOLIO Disclosures" link below.

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UFOLIO Functionality FAQ

Do you need help figuring out how to do something in UFOLIO? Check out this guide with common UFOLIO functionality questions. Please note, there are two versions of this guide: the print version has no screen shots and can be easily printed and referenced, and the screen version is not ideal for printing but has images and screen shots which are easy to follow.

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Inside Activity Decision Tree

Are you uncertain if an activity should be disclosed in UFOLIO? This resource guides you through steps to determine if something is an "inside activity" that is part of an employee's UF job duties. Inside activities should not be disclosed; reportable outside activities must be disclosed and approved in advance.

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UFOLIO Training Courses

In coordination with HR Training and Organizational Development, the COI Program has developed two UFOLIO training courses. The first course is designed to give an overview of what UFOLIO is, why it is being used, and what it means for employees. The second course is designed for Level 1 Reviewers (supervisors) and will explain what is expected of a Level 1 Reviewer with step-by-step instructions.

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New! UFOLIO Review Flowcharts

Recent changes to the disclosure review process are reflected in this updated resource which contains two flowcharts: a basic summary on the first page, and a detailed view on the second page.

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UFOLIO Login Issues

If you’re receiving an error message when attempting to log in to UFOLIO, take a look at this post for assistance.


Which staff employees disclose in UFOLIO?

College of Medicine TEAMS (staff) physicians and managerial staff members whose job codes fall under “Job Structure Category” 10, 11, 12, and 13 have access to disclose in UFOLIO. To determine if a managerial staff member should be disclosing in UFOLIO, check if their job code is on the list linked below.


UFOLIO Supervisor Review Checklist

If you are a Level 1 reviewer in UFOLIO, this list provides guidance on what to consider when reviewing your employees’ disclosures.


What is being reviewed?

This resource provides a list of risk factors that the COI Program reviews for, as well as illustrative examples of types of disclosures for each level of risk.


Not sure which disclosure type to pick?

This chart describes the categories of activities/interests to disclose with illustrative examples and exceptions for each category.