For FAQs on how to perform various tasks in UFOLIO, see either the print version or the screen version of our UFOLIO Functionality FAQ resource.

Have a question that’s not on this list? Email UFOLIO-help@ufl.edu.

What is a conflict of interest?

According to Florida Statutes, a conflict of interest means a situation in which regard for a private interest tends to lead to disregard of a public duty or interest.

What are outside activities?

Outside activities draw upon the knowledge, skills, or abilities employees use to fulfill institutional responsibilities and are performed for outside entities. Examples include consulting, teaching appointments at other universities, expert witness services, industry advisory board participation, etc.

Who needs to complete the UFOLIO form?

Currently, UFOLIO is available for four populations: 1) Faculty, adjuncts, and postdoctoral associates holding a 0.26 FTE or higher appointment, 2) Managerial staff in Job Structure Categories 10, 11, 12, and 13 (full list of applicable job codes/titles can be found here), 3) College of Medicine TEAMS Physicians in the Regional Physician Network, and 4) UFIRST key personnel. If you are in these populations, you can access UFOLIO and submit your Disclosure of Interest (DOI) at ufolio.compliance.ufl.edu.

I am not in the current UFOLIO population. How do I disclose my outside activities and interests?

At this time, employees who are not part of the UFOLIO population should utilize the previous procedure and submit their disclosures via the paper disclosure form, which may be found here.

Why is UF introducing this process?

UFOLIO streamlines, modernizes, and standardizes the way faculty report their outside activities and financial interests. The new system replaces paper forms, saves time, and facilitates compliance with federal, state, and university disclosure laws and rules.

How often am I expected to report my activities?

You are required to obtain prior approval for reportable outside activities and interests; please submit disclosures for outside activities at least 30 days before the anticipated start date. Your UFOLIO portfolio should be updated annually at a minimum based on the date of last approval, but should be an accurate reflection of your outside activities and interests at all times.

What types of activities and financial interests need to be reported?

UFOLIO provides a description of each type of disclosure that needs to be submitted, and a list of disclosure types with examples and exceptions may be found here. A useful list of examples of inside activities, as well as reportable and non-reportable outside activities and financial interests may be found here.

Do I need to keep a copy for my records?

It’s not necessary, but you may keep a copy if you wish. UFOLIO will serve as your online portfolio.

What if I submit a form in error?

UFOLIO allows for revisions; if you submitted a disclosure in error, simply select “Withdraw” on the left menu bar of the disclosure to remove the disclosure from the review process. You can then edit the disclosure as necessary and resubmit when ready.

Who will review my form?

Your information will be reviewed by designated UF administrators which at a minimum will include your supervisor and Conflicts of Interest Program staff. Additional review may be performed by your department chair, your dean/director or her/his designee, or other designees as identified by college leadership. Other ancillary UF reviewers (General Counsel’s Office, Self-Insurance Program, Office of Research, etc.) may need to review your disclosure based on the activity and/or interest disclosed. See this resource for more information about UFOLIO ancillary reviews.

Can I have someone else submit disclosures on my behalf?

No. Disclosing outside activities and interests is a personal responsibility under UF policy and state and federal law. Because these types of disclosures are for activities and interests that are not part of your UF job, it is not appropriate to delegate this task to others.

What should I do if I have an approved disclosure but the disclosed activity is completely over? 

No action is required; the disclosure will automatically expire one year after the approval date.

I received an email from UFOLIO telling me that my disclosure is going to expire, but the activity/interest is over. Do I need to renew my disclosure to report that the activity/interest is complete?

No; you should only renew a disclosure if the disclosed activity/interest is continuing. Once the activity/interest is completely over, there is no need to renew your disclosure.

I am an Emeritus Professor with no active role at the University of Florida, do I need to disclose?


I am an Emeritus Professor and I also have an OPS appointment at the University of Florida, do I need to disclose?

Yes.  You are required to disclose per the University of Florida’s Policy of Conflicts of Interest and Commitment

I am an Emeritus Professor and I am listed as “key personnel” on a federally-funded project or proposal, do I need to disclose?

Yes.  You need to disclose per the University of Florida’s Policy on Conflicts of Interest and Commitment  and you need to answer the Conflict of Interest question in UFIRST.

I only hold a courtesy faculty position at the University of Florida. Why I am getting notices that I need to disclose in UFOLIO? 

The only time someone who ONLY holds a courtesy faculty position at UF is required to disclose in UFOLIO is if they are listed as Key Personnel on research in UFIRST. If you are no longer involved at all in any UF research, please contact the COI Program at UFOLIO-help@ufl.edu.

My disclosure is routing to the wrong supervisor for Level 1 Review, how can this be fixed?

You (the discloser) and the incorrect supervisor are both able to re-route an individual disclosure to the correct supervisor by using the “Reassign Level 1 Reviewer” link on the disclosure’s left sidebar. The new Level 1 Reviewer will have to confirm that they are the correct supervisory reviewer before the reassignment is finalized. However, UFOLIO automatically routes your disclosures to the person who is listed as your supervisor in UF’s job records. To permanently ensure future disclosures are routed to your correct supervisor, reach out to your unit HR staff to request they update your supervisor in UF’s job records.