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What is a conflict of interest?

According to Florida Statutes, a conflict of interest means a situation in which regard for a private interest tends to lead to disregard of a public duty or interest.

What are outside activities?

Outside activities draw upon the knowledge, skills, or abilities employees use to fulfill institutional responsibilities and are performed for outside entities. Examples include external employment, consulting, teaching appointments at another university, expert witness services, industry advisory board participation, etc.

Who needs to complete the UFOLIO form?

Currently, UFOLIO is available in all academic colleges for faculty, adjuncts, and postdoctoral associates holding a 0.26 FTE appointment or above. If you are in this population, you can access UFOLIO and submit your Disclosure of Interest (DOI) at ufolio.compliance.ufl.edu.

I am not in the current UFOLIO population. How do I disclose my outside activities and interests?
At this time, employees who are not part of the UFOLIO population should utilize the previous procedure and submit their disclosures via the paper disclosure form, which may be found here.

Why is UF introducing this process?

UFOLIO streamlines, modernizes, and standardizes the way faculty report their outside activities and financial interests. The new system replaces paper forms, saves time, and facilitates compliance with federal, state and university disclosure laws and rules.

How often am I expected to report my activities?

You are required to obtain prior approval for certain outside activities and interests; please submit disclosures for outside activities at least 30 days before the anticipated start date. Your UFOLIO portfolio should be updated annually at a minimum based on the date of last approval.

What types of activities and financial interests need to be reported?

UFOLIO provides an initial survey of 11 questions that identify whether or not you have anything to disclose; the list of questions and explanations may be found here. A useful list of examples and types of outside activities and financial interests may be found here.

Do I need to keep a copy for my records?

You may keep a copy if you wish to; however, UFOLIO will serve as your online portfolio.

What if I submit a form in error?

UFOLIO allows for revisions and deletions.

Who will review my form?
Your information will be reviewed by designated UF administrators which at a minimum will include your supervisor and Conflicts of Interest Program staff. Additional review may be performed by your department chair, your dean/director or her/his designee, or other designees as identified by college leadership. Other ancillary UF reviewers (General Counsel’s Office, Self-Insurance Program, Office of Research, etc.) may need to review your disclosure based on the activity and/or interest disclosed.

Can I have someone else submit disclosures on my behalf?
No. Disclosing outside activities and interests is a personal responsibility under UF policy and state and federal law. Because disclosures are for activities and interests that are not part of your UF job, it is not appropriate to delegate this task to others.