Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

The UF COI Program champions a culture of transparency, accountability, and shared responsibility in identifying and managing conflicts of interest. Through university-wide education, guidance and oversight, the UF COI Program endeavors to uphold integrity, objectivity, and the highest ethical standards in stewardship of the public trust.

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Our Vision

The UF COI Program aspires to be recognized as a leader in higher education ethics and conflicts of interest management. The UF COI Program will serve as a central hub for UF employees seeking information about their disclosure responsibilities pursuant to federal, state, and institutional laws and policies. Working in conjunction with campus partners, the UF COI Program will communicate clear disclosure guidelines and appropriately steer the professional growth of UF employees engaged in important teaching, research, and public service activities. In carrying out its mission, the UF COI Program aims to foster a culture that embraces professional ethics as an essential component of institutional integrity.

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Our Values

Service, Fairness, Transparency, Integrity

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