NEW! Improved PDF Disclosure Form for Non-UFOLIO Disclosers

Latest NewsThe COI Program is delighted to release a new and improved PDF disclosure form for employees who are not yet part of the UFOLIO discloser population.

Employees with access to disclose in UFOLIO may NOT use this form. Relevant updates include:

  • Fillable PDF fields and electronic signatures, so no printing is required,
  • Helpful popup “tooltips” if you hover over most fields/buttons with your mouse (you must open the form in Adobe to see these),
  • Clear instructions on the form regarding review routing and filing procedures,
  • New review routing requiring a minimum of two layers of review:
    • The initial review should be performed by the disclosing employee’s direct supervisor,
    • The second review is performed by a higher-level supervisor/authority as designated by each college/unit (please reach out to your unit leadership for guidance if you’re not sure who this should be – flexibility was deliberately left for this reviewer to ensure each college/unit can select someone who will best fit their needs),
    • If the form is for medical legal consulting/expert witness service, it must be routed to the Self Insurance Program for review (after the first two reviews are complete),
    • If certain questions are answered “yes” on the form, or if a reviewer disapproves the disclosure, the form must be sent to the COI Program for review.
  • New electronic submission portal developed by UF HR which uploads the completed, fully reviewed disclosure form to the employee’s electronic personnel file. (Please provide your completely reviewed form with all required signatures to your departmental HR staff to upload via this portal.)

Please note:

If the form is not for medical legal consulting/expert witness service and COI Program review is not required (there are clear instructions on the form regarding when COI Program review is required), the higher-level supervisor/authority is the final reviewer on the disclosure.

The form is to be used when you have something to disclose. If you do not have access to UFOLIO, and none of the disclosure types on the form apply to you, then you have nothing to disclose, and you do not need to fill out this form.

If you maintain a link to the disclosure form on your unit’s website, please update your link to the PDF form directly from this website; please do not download the form and upload a copy on your website. We anticipate making periodic changes to the form, so linking to the form on our website will ensure your site always sends employees to the most recently updated version of the form.

Supervisory Reviewers: If you are a supervisor of employees who disclose via the PDF form, we’ve developed this PDF Form Reviewer Guide to assist you with the disclosure review process.

If you have questions or feedback on how to improve the form, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at